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Advertising on successful and growing Internet Radio Station!

Everything Star Trek


STO Radio is a [b]properly licensed[/b], 24/7 online radio stream dedicated to science fiction enthusiasts, Star Trek fans and players of the online MMORPG, Star Trek Online.

Thus, we have a very niche advertising demographic to offer. In general, our listeners are:
*Science Fiction Enthusiasts
*Trekkie and Trekkers
*Casual or Hardcore PC and Console Gamers
*Casual or Hardcore MMORPG players on PC
*Ranging in ages from as young as 13 to as old as 60
*Working in a wide range of technical professions such as IT, Air Traffic Controllers, Doctors to name a few
*Earning average or above average wages


*In the 30 day period from July 1st until July 30th:
*We delivered 256288 minutes of entertainment (4271.4 hours)
*To 4764 Listeners in 55 Countries
*We have no growth statistics as this was our first [b]full[/b] month on the air
*During this period, we had 14 DJs delivering 65 hours of live content per week

[b]In the 31 day period from August 1st until August 31st:[/b]

*We delivered 342349 minutes of entertainment (5705.8 hours)
*To 5022 Listeners in 56 Countries
*Experiencing 29.6% growth compared to the previous month
*With 84.05% growth for the last two weeks of August compared to the first two weeks
*With 58.71% growth for in the final week of August compared to the third week
*During this period we grew to 27 DJs with a management team of 5 (32 Team Members in Total) delivering a total of 119 hours of live content per week

If you are an advertiser that would be interested in marketing your service or product then please contact [email][/email]


In September and October 2010, we have a number of high profile interviews coming up with various famous Star Trek celebrities. Current confirmed interviews include Actor, Tim Russ and Actress, Chase Masterson and we are in discussions with around a dozen other celebrities for interviews during the next several months.

We have contact information for over 100 related celebrities which we plan to contact over the next 6 - 8 months for interviews.

We regularly interview developers and staff members from MMORPG, Star Trek Online which gets us featured news items on the front page of the website on a regular basis.

We are also currently in discussions with CBS/Paramount who are very interested in our early results and are willing to consider endorsing us in the very near future. will soon be listed in the "fan-sites" section of and we are also in talks with several other high traffic (Alexa Rank 20,000 or less) Star Trek and Gaming websites to recieve their endorsements for

Thus, our projects for the future are highly optimistic - we expect to surpass 500,000 minutes in September, 750,000 minutes in October, and to surpass 1.25 million minutes by Janurary 2011.


Here are some sample rates based on length of advert and number of plays:

*30 Second Advert – played once per hour for one month – $129
*30 Second Advert – played two times per hour for one month – $199
*60 Second Advert – played once per hour for one month – $199
*60 Second Advert – played two times per hour for one month – $349

If you would like a custom package or have something else in mind, please contact [email][/email] - we are willing to consider weekly packages.

[i][b]General Sponsorship[/b][/i]

As well as outright advertising packages, we also offer the oppurtunity for advertisers to sponser the radio station as a whole. We only allow one station sponsor at a time and offer this in packages of one month at a time. Longer agreements can be arranged.

Every time a DJ mentions the station name, your company would be mentioned as the sponser – e.g “[color="#FF0000"]You’re listening to STO-Radio, sponsored by XYZ, visit XYZ at [url][/url][/color]”.

*1 month sponsorship of STO-Radio currently costs $499 dollars


If you are interested in advertising, you can e-mail me on [email][/email] or call me on London, 0208 144 9083


The seller accepts full responsibility for the entire contents of this listing.

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