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Article Writing Services| I'm from the U.S.|

Article Writing Services| I'm from the U.S.|



work has slowed down for me with my other clients and I am looking for another full time writing job.
I have been writing since 2008 and have gained an excellent reputation from clients.

All of my articles that I write will be unique and will pass . For those of you that need to know, yes--I'm from the U.S. and English is my native language.

My prices:

$10 per 500 words for small orders

$7 per 500 words for bulk work articles

I can write on various different topics and I can also provide samples of previous articles that
I have written.

I accept payments via PayPal only. Please contact me ASAP...looking to start writing today! :-)


The seller accepts full responsibility for the entire contents of this listing.

Questions & Answers
  1. Fri, 23 Mar 2012
    Phenix ()

    Hi, I'm looking for people who can write outstanding content - yep not just great or good - in fact i'm looking for original, with your own style - not something too boring ... Having say that i would like a reply for the questions below: 1) What are you passions? i mean if you write on a paper 10 passions - 10 things that you like and have a good knowledge about - what would it be? 2) Now tell me what is your favorite topic or main passion in the list you wrote...if you could only choose one topic to write about it - to let the world know what you have to tell - to write - what would it be? 3) Can you write something around it - around your favorite topic ? 4) now l would like to know if you are ready to send an excerpt of 100/150 words each time we need it before to be hire for a job ? in case you are not - how much would you charge for it? 5) finally for now - what would be the max of articles ( minimum 700 words to 800 words ) that you could write in a week? we are not looking for quantities but qualities - we want to know what would be your limit to deliver articles that respect these values ( excellence, services, quality )? Based on your answers i will go back to you - the idea here is to build a long term relationship - not just a short time job Thanks Kindly Regards Mike
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