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Automated Dynamic Content For Your Website or WP Blog - FREE TRIAL Available

Improve SEO with Relevant Content Automatically


Automated Dynamic Keyword-Rich Relevant Content For Your Website To Improve SEO

NOW - Also Available as a WordPress Plugin Widget
Simply specify "WP Widget" when ordering or requesting FREE Trial

Take a 30-day FREE TRIAL

Improve your Search Engine ranking and SEO by automatically providing dynamically changing, relevant news stories on your website using our NewsFeed Service.  Improve your viewers interest and return visits.  AUTOMATICALLY keep your site's content fresh and current with daily relevant news stories.
NewsFeed Service is a script-based online service that you invoke from your website by copying and pasting a small snippet of code into your web page - or on your WordPress blog by installing the NewsFeed Service WP Widget - to provide dynamic, current daily news items on that page.  The news items are selected based on a keyword phrase that YOU set.  So the news is relevant to the content of your page/site.

Features of NewsFeed Service:
    - Easy and simple integration into your existing web page(s)
    - Available for regular (HTML) websites or WordPress blog sites (WP Widget)
    - You can use the NewsFeed Service on multiple pages on your website
    - Automatically provides daily-updated, context-relevant content for your site
    - Generates ever-changing search engine compatible text content on the page
    - Dynamically gets current news stories based on keyword phrase
    - Where present within the content of the news items, keywords are highlighted
        which provides emphasis for the viewer AND the Search Engines
    - Response time of displayed news items is optimized with caching technology
    - User may set keyword phrase to customize news item results
    - User may set number of desired news items to return
    - Easy to customize, even by non-programmers
        - Comes complete with simple instructions
    - Easily conforms with the appearance and style of any web page
        - The returned news items code contains
            to facilitate precise formatting with CSS Style Sheets if desired
        - The returned news items web page code is fully compliant with:
            HTML 4.01 Strict
            HTML5 (experimental)
            XHTML 1.0 Strict
        - You can have the NewsFeed Service operational on your website in about 15 minutes
You can see a live example of what the NewsFeed Service results look like by visiting this page:

NewsFeed Service Live Example


    - User should have some basic familiarity with web page coding
    - Web host must support PHP v5.2 or higher
    - If you want to use the NewsFeed Service code snippet in an existing HTML file,
        your Web Host must allow interpretation of PHP code within .html file types
        (Check with your Web Host support for this setting)

You can ask any questions in this thread.

The fee for the NewsFeed Service is $7.00 per month for each website. You may purchase one or  several months in advance (there is a discount for 6 months or more), or sign up for automatic monthly subscription payments.  All payments are by PayPal to: sales(at)

A 30-day FREE TRIAL is available.  Simply PM me on this forum, or send your request to: NewsFeedSerice(at) - include the following information:

    1. Email address to be used for your NewsFeed Service registration
    2. Domain name (e.g.: on which you wish to use the service
    3. Date to start your 30-day free trial
    4. Whether this is for a regular website or WordPress blog site

For more complete information and to purchase, go to:

NewsFeed Service Information

You can ask any questions in this thread.

See real life examples of the NewsFeed Service in use live on some of our customer's sites:

Notice how the NewsFeed Service displayed results integrates nicely with the look and feel of the overall site.

Take a 30-day FREE TRIAL

Pricing / Buy Here


The seller accepts full responsibility for the entire contents of this listing.

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