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Exact Match Domains Database - 700,000+ EMD's 500-1000 Added Daily

All Domains: 1000+ Exact match searches/mo; CPC $0.50 or higher, COM, NET, ORG only



The Offer: Part 1 of 2 - 607,186 Ready To Register Exact Match Domains:

Tapping into our keyword database of over 50 Million search terms, we found 607,186 high quality available exact match domains and created a searchable database you can mine for thousands of Exact Match Domains.

They break down like this:

1) All keywords have at least 1,000 exact match searches/month

    2500 + searches - 140,054
    5000 + searches - 64, 926
    10,000 + searches - 21,805

    Keep in mind this is the number of keywords with the above search volumes (not domains), it is very possible multiple domain extensions per keyword are available!

2) Keyword Cost per Click of $.50 or higher

    $1+ - 261,341
    $2+ - 107,180
    $3+ - 56,575
    $4+ - 33,447
    $5+ - 21,054

3) All domains contain 2-5 keywords

    2 Word - 325,331
    3 Word - 319,756
    4 Word - 111,641
    5 Word - 36,571

4) Domains With Numbers (112,837)

5) 123,783 .com domains
6) 311, 583 .net domains
7) 357,879 .org domains

The Offer: Part 2 of 2 - (500 – 1000) New Domains Added Daily

Ok, this is the really crazy part of this offer.

Not only can you search the 600,000+ domains we’ve already compiled, but you can also access new high quality exact match domains every single day.

You see, new domains are always becoming available. Day after day new domains come on the market as people forget or no longer wish to register them.

Their loss is your gain.

We grab these freshly available domains, break them down into keywords, scan then for search volume, CPC, and other metrics and then give you access to them.

On average about 500 – 1000 domains with a search volume of 1,000 or higher are available each day. That’s between 15,000 and 30,000 exact match domains each month!

So here’s the pitch, you get everything mentioned above:

1) Access to search the database of 793,299 domains
2) The 500-1000 new domains added daily

You get all of these for the one time price of $47

Buy Now Link:

Video Demo:

The seller accepts full responsibility for the entire contents of this listing.

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