Facebook Photo Contest - Viral App

Brief description:

Users first need to Like the page to enter the contest, vote or submit their photo.
Fore each user that will Like the page and enter the contest, a link from the contest is posted to their wall (link that you can customize from admin)
Every photo have three buttons: Vote, Share, Invite

Each user that will submit photo will promote it using the Share and Invite buttons.

Vote button: users will vote the photos with this button, when user click the button changes from Vote to Voted, only one vote per photo.

Share button: with Share button, a link from the particular photo is posted to user profile, so his friends will see it and come to Like the page and vote for his photo.

button: the invited message is posted to each invited users wall, not just notification, so he and his friends will see and come to the Page to like etc.

After contest End, the app will show the winner and his photo.

Admin Panel features:

-Set End time of current contest.
-Create New contest after current ended.
-Activate/Deactivate and customize the auto post link that is posted to users wall on first use.
-Showing list of all users with their info.
-Post status updates to multiple users any time you need.
-Send emails to users any time you need.
-Delete users.
-Export users data: name, email, facebook id, token.

Demo front end: http://www.facebook.com/appstico?sk=app_134723410000769

Demo admin panel: http://www.appstico.com/contest/admin/
Admin password:123456

Sales page and other info: http://appstico.com/facebook-photo-contest-viral-app/