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Free Sub-Domain and URL Shortener - YY.VC

Short and Easy to Remember


Now you can have your own, short and easy to use sub-domains to associate with your URL's.

YY.VC Provides a free and easy to use service where you can create your own "custom" URL to shorten or mask your URL's

You can:
- Create Sub-domains (Yoursite.yy.vc)
- Create an easy and fast short URL
- Create a custom URL (yy.vc/mysite)
- Safe URL (Password Protected URLs)

Try it out:

The seller accepts full responsibility for the entire contents of this listing.

Questions & Answers
  1. Mon, 26 Dec 2011
    tinylinkir ()

    http://tinylink.ir/en Only a Service with the ability to present at the same time, short link and subdomain without having to register. Create URL shortner + Sub-domain without register. http://tinylink.ir/en
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