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Google Keyword Tool Scraper [PHP] Scrape 2 Million+ Keywords/day!

Captcha Solving, Proxy Support, Multiple Adwords Account Rotation


PHP Google Keyword Tool Scraper
(Easily Scrape 2,000,000+ Keywords/Day!)

Here is the bulk Google Keyword Tool Scraper you've always wanted!

Itís a PHP script that runs on your server and mines Googleís Keyword tool based on the keywords you input.

Honestly, you can pretty much input just a single keyword and it will find thousands upon thousands of keywords from that one seed term or you can load up several million terms and let it run for a month or two :-)

One of the biggest problems you encounter when needing to do bulk high volume keyword research and scraping is that all of the "off the shelf" tools (particularly those that are desktop based and not server based) is that they simply cannot handle processing huge volumes of keywords.

When I refer to "huge volumes", I'm talking about millions (tens of millions) of keywords. Not the tens or (if you're very lucky and the software doesn't crash) hundreds of thousands of keywords you are limited to with traditional keyword research software.

Don't get me wrong some of these other tools are indispensable when it comes to fully analyzing a keyword.

(Hint: What I do is filter out the keywords I am interested in from my 63,000,000+ keyword database, and then run those keywords through my favorite competition analyzer. I can spend all my time analyzing keywords instead of trying to find them...this is the power of owning your own keyword database)

But if you want to really dig deep in your keyword research, and process millions of keywords then they simply will not do.

Something more specialized is required.

Enter The PHP Google Keyword Tool Scraper

1) Can Scrape Millions of Keywords Per Day

2) Grabs Global Search , Local Search , CPC, Competition and Google Search Network metrics.

3) Proxy Support

4) Adwords Account Rotation (a must if you want to achieve millions of keywords/day)

5) Supports Two Modes: Captcha Solving Mode (solves the captcha from the external keyword tool and scrapes the data) or Account Login Mode (logs into Google and scrapes...much faster)

6) Works With Any Country or Language Support By The Google Keyword Tool:

7) Grab Only The keywords You Want Based on Search Volume, CPC, Competition etc. Basically any filter support by Google's Keyword Tool.

Important: Requirements

1) You will need proxies (preferably dedicated proxies)

2) If using Captcha Mode, you will also need a decaptcher account to automatically solve the captchas

3) Adwords Accounts - the more the better.

3) Webhost with PHP and MySQL (VPS or Dedicated Server STRONGLY suggested)

4) Itís web based not desktop software so you need to know how to install scripts (itís really easy and I provide instructions)

5) Google updates their keyword tool A LOT you will need to be able to copy and paste a few lines of code to keep the script working. (I provide full instructions on how to do this with screenshots....it is a 5 minute process.)

Important: What We Don't Do

1) We do not install the software for you. Full instructions are provided to walk you through the process or you can hire someone at a freelance site to install for you

2) We do not release an update every time Google updates the keyword tool. Google changes their keyword tool every 2-3 weeks. This will "break" the script. It is a simple 5 minute process to get the script running again and we provide full documentation on how to do this yourself. We will not be issuing an update every time this happens.

For major issues/updates we will release an update.

3) We will not issue any refunds! Please read that again. No refunds will be available. This is a very powerful tool. It is not for newbies. It is not for serial refunders. It is not for tire kickers. It is not for people with basic keyword research needs. It is a highly specialized tool and for advanced marketers who need bulk keyword data.

One Time Price :$197
(Available For Download Immediately After Purchase)

You get: PHP Google Keyword Tool Scraper

Full Installation Instructions (PDF)
Google Changes Update Guide (PDF)
Video 1: Advanced Configuration Options
Video 2: Tour of All Settings and Filters
Video 3: Shortcuts for Quicker Bulk Updates of Existing Keyword Data

Buy Now:

Video Demo:

The seller accepts full responsibility for the entire contents of this listing.

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