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Finally A Work Book Guide on How To Set Up A Web Site, Add Value to it and Sell it Off for Big Pay W


I am not here to write long sales letter, or rhetoric, but just to present to you what I do, How I do it and How You too Can start a Business From Home  Building Niche Websites for profit.

Let me give you a recent sales of sites so you will understand what I am about to show you.

1. The Site was created May, 2012 and was sold for $4,200

2.  A link building web site was registered in July 2012, and was sold within three days of auctioning for $2,087 after 61 bids

3. A 1998 registered eCommerce web site was sold for $62,000 after 14 bidders within 10 days auction

4.  A VIDEO PROOF COMPLETE BUSINESS AND BLUEPRINT  site was registered on 14th October, 2012 and was sold within 17 hours of auction listing for $2,100 with a competitive bidding by 61 bidders

5.  A VPN selling site was registered in July 2012 and was sold for $9,000 at a Public auction.

The list is endless… These are niche web site registered by ordinary people like you,  created with value and sold for real profit. You can also see recently sold web sites at Flippa

If you are looking for a profitable business that you can run from home starting with little budget  of as low  as $60 and making it big, this is it .. It is called web site flipping.

What exactly is web site flipping?

Website  Flipping involves spotting an already existing website, blog or dormant domain and improving  orcreating a new website with a relevant content, adding values such as the content, the page rank, and its SEO and then selling it to another buyer at a profit as soon as possible.

Website flipping has the potential for exponential profit margin. This is because the website you set up today for $60 can be worth $3,000 or even $10,000  in a few months assuming that you have dramatically improved its perceived market value.  Also, the site you put up with a total of $20 today, can be sold at a minimum of $1,000 within 30days.

It’s called Virtual Real Estate. Buying, selling and renovating Internet-based ‘properties’, websites and now blogs.

Virtual Real Estate is just like in the real world, except you don’t need a real estate license and you can flip websites in hours with very little capital.


I know you are wondering how you would start this business since maybe you do not know how to design a web site plus all the technical jargon. This is also the reason I wrote this work book guide. I have made all the steps in a highly simplified manner. So let us go through the problems you may encounter and the solutions..

Problem: I don’t know HTML or have an ideas on how to create even a simple website talk less of  how am I going to flip them for profit?

Answer: We already  ASSUME you don’t know anything and so we are presenting the course as a step-by-step guide from scratch

Problem: I’m brand new to making money online I’ve never made a cent – how do I get started as a total ‘newbie’?

Answer: So long as you know how to browse and click the mouse, you will be taken by the hand and shown what and how to do it. Note that your mindset and determination is all you need.

Now that you know the technical side will be handed over to you,I know the next question is How would you have access to this workbook and how much is it.

Considering how much research and implementation as well as investment that went into this, I would have offered it for $500 for you to have access to download and study at your convenience at your home. But I would not want you to break the bank to start a business as this.

In order to live my mission of helping at least 2 millon people start their home business by 2015, I would be giving this work book guide for $10 and would increase the price after 5 days to $17.

This is highly nothing as an investment for a 92 paged step by step work book guide… If you are sure you want to have a better 2013,  this is the time to create your luck by your self…

Bonus 1:  How To Install and Design Web Site

Bonus 2: How To Run a Web Hosting Business and Master Reseller Hosting Business

Bonus 3: 154 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Web Site or Blog

How To Order: Pay to

PerfectMoney: U2170765

LibertyReserve: U8361395

Send your payment details to:  Your Ebook will be sent asa soon as your payment is confirmed.

The seller accepts full responsibility for the entire contents of this listing.

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