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Listed in: Marketplace > Design

Low cost usability testing from an experienced UK tester.

I will test your website with any given scenario



i have been doing user testing for the last 6 months for a few of the most popular usability testing sites.

Most of these sites will charge $30-40 per tester (UK, US testers)

Who is usability testing for?

Usability testing is great for anyone involved in the design, development, or marketing of a website. Seeing real people use your site lets you see where they have problems and how you can make it easier to use.

What will i do?

I will follow any scenario you give me, this can range from purchasing a product to test your checkout process or signing up and installing a firefox addon.

I will record my screen (screencast) and voice so you can see and hear exactly what i am thinking and doing when on your site. I will also follow up with you to answer any questions you have regarding my time spent on the site.

How long can a test last?

Maximum test length is 20-25 mins

Price & Turnaround

3 reviews copies at $5

then after that the price will be $10 per test.

Tests will be sent to you within 48-72 hours

Payment via paypal

The seller accepts full responsibility for the entire contents of this listing.

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