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Listed in: Marketplace > Programming

PHP Developer Available, Experienced and USA-Based!

PHP / MySQL Programmer Available for Immediate Projects


Are you needing a website developed from scratch? Perhaps some upgrades or bug fixes to an existing website? I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years, and have successfully implemented everything from minor upgrade requests to huge dynamic PHP / MySQL-based web applications.

A handful of the PHP-based applications I have worked with over the years include...

- Moodle
- ZenCart
- osCommerce
- Magento
- SimpleMachines
- Drupal
- PostNuke
- vBulletin
- phpBB
- MediaWiki
- And many other PHP / MySQL-based applications

In addition, I have worked on quite a few different PHP frameworks, including:

- Kohana
- CodeIgniter
- Zend Framework
- Yii
- CakePHP
- Symfony
- Quite a few other frameworks...

Don't want a website based on a current CMS (content management system) such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla? No problem! I can code practically any dynamic functionality from scratch, including such features as:

- Setting up streaming video & audio
- Migrating to cloud hosting
- Porting over code to use proper Object Oriented Analysis & Design
- Data scraping from other websites
- Adding reCAPTCHA to web forms (considered by some to be the best CAPTCHA)
- Ensuring your site uses proper database design and optimization
- Dynamic database generated pages in virtually any style
- Setting up a Login/session management system, complete with email confirmation and password reset functionalities
- Backing up websites, including databases
- PayPal payment integration
- RSS Generation from data in a Database
- Implementing page compression to reduce bandwidth consumption and increase download speed
- Integrating Sphinx into an existing application
- Implementing PHP's Smarty templating system, to help separate coding cleanly from design
- Nameserver / DNS optimization for sites with high traffic
- (see for more)

To contact me regarding having me handle work for you, please use my contact form at


Nathan Malone

The seller accepts full responsibility for the entire contents of this listing.

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