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Listed in: Marketplace > Programming

PHP Developer for Hire

$40/hr USD East Coast USA PHP Developer / WordPress Expert / PayPal Integrator


I'm a freelancer available for hire. My skills include the following and I have good references.

* Strong affiliate marketing knowledge for your landing pages, tools, etc.
* Can clone almost any site and generate PSD as well as cross-platform XHTML/CSS along with your requested alterations like color, etc.
* Can convert PSD to cross-platform XHTML/CSS.
* Can build WordPress themes.
* Component integration with WordPress, such as shopping carts, specialized forms, plugins, effects, etc.
* Can build scalable PHP websites using Pound Reverse Proxy and inexpensive VPS hosts, or use Apache Proxy.
* jQuery/AJAX expert.
* eCommerce experience with SagePay and PayPal.
* Strong experience with PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite.
* PunBB/FluxBB forum integration.
* No spaghetti code -- only clean, readable, commented, intuitive MVC logic, separating XHTML and PHP.

Something interesting that I did recently was a custom WordPress theme from scratch. However, there are two unique things about it. One, I used the Pods Plugin which allowed me to take the site in directions that WordPress could not go from a CMS standpoint -- enabling me to take WordPress as a CMS for small, medium, and even large-sized businesses with specialized needs that go beyond Pages and Posts. Pods is a kind of Drupal CCK tool for WordPress. Second, I designed a custom admin theme (via plugin) that simplified the admin interface, hiding things that might confuse a typical client about WordPress, and renaming things in Pods to be easier to understand, or hiding parts of Pods that don't need to be edited except by a web developer.

An example of this site is here:


The seller accepts full responsibility for the entire contents of this listing.

Questions & Answers
  1. Wed, 2 Dec 2009
    volomike () - Owner

    This webmastersmarketplace site has a small bug. And I can't edit the listing to fix, so I'll post it here. See the doubleabody.com URL above? Well, typically proper URLs have slashes on the end of them. It's actually the standard and when you don't add one, your browser adds it for you automatically in the background and you just don't see it. Anyway, the slash above causes the link not to work at least here on this site. Therefore, you will need to go to: http://doubleabody.com Hope this helps.
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