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Listed in: Marketplace > Programming

PHP / MySQL Developer Available

USA-based PHP programmer / web developer accepting work


Are you needing a website developed from scratch? Perhaps some upgrades or bug fixes to an existing website? I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years, and have successfully implemented everything from minor upgrade requests to huge dynamic PHP / MySQL-based web applications.

Over the years, I have worked on dozens of PHP / MySQL-based applications, including:

- Moodle
- phpBB
- MediaWiki
- Drupal
- PHP Nuke
- Joomla
- PostNuke
- ZenCart
- osCommerce
- SimpleMachines
- And quite a few other PHP-based applications

In addition, I have developed websites based on several PHP frameworks, including some of the following:

- Kohana
- Symfony
- CakePHP
- Yii
- CodeIgniter
- Zend Framework
- Many other PHP / MySQL-based frameworks...

Have an existing website you just want to make a few tweaks to? No problem! I offer services (see http://www.prophpdevelopmentblog.com/services/ ) adding a variety of functionality, including such things as:

- Developing custom WordPress themes
- Backing up websites, including databases
- PayPal payment integration
- Ensuring your site uses proper database design and optimization
- Setting up streaming video & audio
- Creating web bots to pull data from other sites
- jQuery javascript plugin creation
- Image generation using PHP
- Dynamic PDF generation, using several PDF libraries
- Adding reCAPTCHA to web forms (considered by some to be the best CAPTCHA)
- Setting up Apache mod_rewrite, to produce "search engine friendly" URLs
- Developing full-blown Ajax applications
- Migrating to cloud hosting
- Dynamic graph generation and output (pie graphs, gantt charts, etc.)
- Nameserver / DNS optimization for sites with high traffic
- (see http://www.prophpdevelopmentblog.com/services/ for more)

To contact me regarding having me handle work for you, please use my contact form at http://www.prophpdevelopmentblog.com/contact/

Thank You!

Nathan Malone

The seller accepts full responsibility for the entire contents of this listing.

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