What you get from SEROCKET HPL™?

1. You get more traffic
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6. Unique hand-written content with 2 links to you.
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8. 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

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Proof available.

About the SEROCKET Private Network

My sites are hand picked for pagerank and backlinks. Each of my sites enjoy healthy number of permanent
backlinks, which makes them strong. My sites are spread over 100 IP addresses which are on different A, B, C blocks.

Only unique reviews are posted.

100% Risk Free 30 day Money Back Guarantee

I offer you No Question Asked 30 day money back guarantee. If under any circumstances
you are not satisfied with the service, you can ask for a complete refund within 30 days.

Very Private network , Only open for 17 Members ( 3 slots filled up, was for 20 members before).

I understand that this is a good system we have here for the last 4 years. And I have no intention of
jeopardizing a perfectly good and working system. As such SEROCKET HPL ™ is a closed membership club
with only 20 members. I do not want to dilute the network with a ton of links and irrelevant content,
since network like these are a huge investment and I need to protect my members.

New members will only be included when an existing member opts out.

What are the features of SEROCKET HPL™ Network?
  • Each member gets 100 posts on the home pages of 100 websites a month.
  • Each member post can be of minimum 200 words and must be unique, I do not accept spun/duplicate content.
  • Each member post can have two links. You can use 100 posts to link to one site or 200 sites.
  • Each site will have only 20 posts on the home page at any given time. Posts will remain for a month on the home page than archived.
  • If any site loses page rank or gets deindexed, it will be removed and replaced.
  • If any member finds an inappropriate post on the network, they can report it and it will be dealth with in 6 hours.
  • Customer service will be available through IM, email and phone.
  • If you do not want to write your own article, you can outsource it to us at a minimal cost.
  • After a post article is submitted it will be reviewed and posted. A report of all the linking URLS will be uploaded to the control panel.
  • A project, membership, link and customer support contact system is provided to all members for centralized communication

See a demo of the Membership panel.
Username: demo @ serocket.com (no spaces)
Password: demo1234


The membership is only $97.00 per month. It is open to 20 (17 now) members only.

YOU GET 200 LINKS per month for only $97.00. Membership closes when the rest 17 slots are filled up.

And, no, this is not some sort of gimmick.

Does your site(s) qualify?

I do not accept adult, pornographic, illegal, hate, replica goods websites. If you have any doubt
about your site's suitability, please ask before subscribing.

After you subscribe

We will contact you immediately or within 6 hours, giving you a login and password to our
membership control panel.Once you login in to the panel, contact the staff using Message Center
or submit a support ticket with your URL's, keywords other details etc, and we will take it from there.

How to contact

Contact me through PM


Visit : http://hpl.serocket.com and subscribe.


Send me an email