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Top Quality Content as low as $1.60 / 100 words :)

Top Quality Content as low as $1.60 / 100 words :)


Hi all! I'm a 20 year old college student studying music performance as well as picking up some computer science courses on the side. I'm Canadian and speak English as my native language - although my French is pretty decent as well. I know there's lots of competition on this forum when it comes to writing but I'm 100 % confident that you won't get better for the prices I'm offering. Everything I write is done to a lexical and grammatical standard consistent with the expectations of my lecturers, i.e. anything I write for you will be written in such a way that if it were a graded assignment I would hand it in as is. You won't have to worry about the awful grammar and spelling mistakes you'll get from less talented writers (especially those without English as their native language).


I offer a special trial rate of just $1.20 per 100 words for the first 1000 words of your first order! After that it becomes $1.60 / 100 words.

Payment accepted via PayPal  with 50 % paid in advance and the remaining 50 % due upon sastisfactory completion.

Rates and terms are somewhat negotiable to PM me and we'll see what can happen. Alternatively, you can email me at shakemelikeapig[at] gmail[dot] com

No samples on hand but at $1.20 / 100 words for the first 1000 and given the excellent writing of this very post - what do you really have to lose? Hit me up!

P.S. I'll also knock $0.25off the final price for any job of less than 1000 words and $.50 off the final price for any job of more than 1000 words if the buyer is willing to post a quick review of my writing in this thread.

The seller accepts full responsibility for the entire contents of this listing.

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