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  • GDPR is here...

    What do you think about GDPR in the context of software development? Are this changes for good?

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    What's troubling to me is that it's very unclear what specifically is required. In the page about 'privacy by design', they list " Minimize the amount of collected data" as an item (supposedly to be achieved to be in compliance with the law).

    What's the minimum amount of data? Who decides that? Is it dependent on context? I'd hope so!

    Can any site just 'do an end run around' the law by requiring their users to agree to allow them to collect whatever data they collect now or that they've already collected? If so, that seems like it'd be likely as helpful as current terms of service.

    Another item mentioned is "Where possible, pseudonymize personal data.". What's a practical example of that?

    Yet another item ? " Don?t enable social media sharing by default.". Is the thinking that users shouldn't be able to share something via social media without first explicitly enabling that option? That just seem unfriendly. Or is the idea that doing so protects someone from doing so accidentally? This seems a lot like the 'cookie law', itself an annoying mandated nagging that probably backfired (because everyone was effectively trained to just do whatever necessary to get rid of the corresponding notification on every site they visited).
    It's a very complicated and " raw" theme. There are a lot of articles about GDPR. Here is one of them It will give you some extra info


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