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  • Succesful Facebook Ecommerce Business for Sale

    Out of funding the build of my own website we have build an succesful ecommerce company selling a turnkey facebook commerce websolution. This Turnkey solution makes it possible to start your own Facebook store selling company. Either in a niche or worldwide. Notice the solution is build out off a real existing business, no cheap freelancer project.

    The webshop is build around Wordpress and SBPAS billing and customer CMS. The IP of each license sold of the solution is protected by an advanced IONcube license system, protecting the code to be resold, once bought by a customer.

    The product f-commerce is positioned high end and has currently a list price of 1250$ Already several add ons are in place to upsell all. Like an addition theme, and some additional features which can be bought.
    Revenue till date 22$k without marketing costs. Only blogging. Hosting costs are minimal. CRM license is bought for 2500x sales. So your good!
    Development costs are very sharp. This is outsourced to a FB expert company doing already 2j on a row business with. Service and maintenance has been outsourced to this same company based on a 25% commission fee of each sale. So you basically have to do nothing else then promo. So a huge margin for a real entrepreneur selling an advanced social commerce solution which on top changes to extend. will be sold sole. will stay an .NL targeting company migrating towards a webshop service.

    Only serious candidates.

    Included in the deal:
    - domain name
    - the full source code of f-commerce
    - all add ons
    - SPBAS CRM for billing and account management
    - 30 targeted potential buyers
    Excl. the full IP, only be used by
    Reason: need investment money

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      Facebook is an essential component of our marketing strategy. We've used Facebook and Instagram ads to acquire tons of new customers and build a relationship with them that goes beyond just being the company they buy underwear from.

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