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Swimming is best Exercise?????

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  • Swimming is best Exercise?????

    Yes, I agree, I mean if swimming is not the best exercise then it is definitely one of the best exercises. I love doing swimming, it is really great for our muscles and gives our body a great shape.

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    I love swimming it’s a wonderful exercise and a leisure time activity of mine. It gives strength to my body and relaxes my mind as well.


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      It is very important for all to keep their body fit as well as healthy and many ways where they can do that.Swimming is a great exercise for reducing unwanted fat from you body and also there are many benefits that we can get from doing that.


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        Yes Swimming is a very good exercise.It helps in weight lose and also makes you fitter.But i don't how to swim.

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          Swimming, Running, Bicycling are the best exercise for your body and it also help you a lot in building all muscle of your body.
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