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  • Madison Bumgarner and Buster Posey would love to see

    SCOTTSDALE DJ LeMahieu Jersey , Ariz. (AP) ? Bryce Harper join them in the San Francisco Giants clubhouse.?I think it?d be a huge addition for us,? Bumgarner said Tuesday as the Giants opened spring training. ?He?s obviously a superstar in the game, a young player. I think everybody in here would be pretty damn excited to have him.?Harper and the Giants met in the free agent slugger?s hometown of Las Vegas last week, and new San Francisco baseball operations chief Farhan Zaidi said the sides had mutual interest.?I think anybody who plays Major League Baseball would love to have him on their team and that?s no exception here,? Posey said. ?The type of player he brings and the passion he brings to the game, if we were lucky enough for it to work out, it?d be great.?What is he, 26? He?s won an MVP,? Posey said. ?That?s pretty much all you need to know.?San Francisco opens camp with Steven Duggar, Mac Williamson, Austin Slater and Drew Ferguson as outfield candidates.?I?ve been part of teams that we won when we probably weren?t supposed to. We?ve seen plenty of other teams do it. Obviously, some guys, like Harper, that?s going to make any team betterm: Bumgarner said. ?That?s not to say we couldn?t do it without him. We?ve got the guys and we could do it. It?s all a mentality.?During the Giants? fan fest this past weekend, manager Bruce Bochy shared a text message he received from Bumgarner regarding possibly using an ?opener? before one of the lefty?s start.?If you?re using an opener in my game, I?m walking right out of the ballpark ,? Bumgarner told Bochy.?That was more lighthearted,? Bumgarner said Tuesday. ?Me and Boch have a good relationship.?Asked how he would feel if Bochy tried it, Bumgarner responded: ?I didn?t see the Red Sox doing it.?Boston used its starters in a more traditional way en route to its fourth title in 15 seasons, although they did use Chris Sale and Nathan Eovaldi out of the bullpen in the postseason. Posey joked that he would be willing to tell Bumgarner that someone else would be starting his game ? Bumgarner came out of the bullpen to pitch the final five innings of World Series Game 7 against Kansas City in 2014 as the Giants won their third title in five seasons.?I think a lot of the new age thinking, if you want to call it that, analytics, you have to be open to it,? Posey said. ?As time goes by, as players we have to continually evolve. I don?t think anybody expects you to say, ?OK, I?m going to give up what I?ve done for the last 30 years in baseball and switch to something completely different.? At the same time, we have to be aware of a lot of variables. What gives us the best chance to win, No. 1. You have to look around and see what is our competition doing ? is it working for them. I?m all about winning.? NEW YORK (AP) Offense is on the rebound in Major League Baseball.After a historic drop during the season?s first three months that concerned the sport?s leadership, the big league batting average in July was .255, according to the Elias Sports Bureau, raising the season?s average from .246 to .248. Unless it goes up to at least .251 during the final two months Todd Helton Jersey , the season average would be the lowest since .244 in 1972.There were 6,546 hits and 6,195 strikeouts in July, reversing an anomaly in which strikeouts exceeded hits in two of the first three full months.Overall this season, batters have whiffed more than hit: There have been 27,285 strikeouts and 27,218 hits with the season about two-thirds through. Strikeouts topped hits in April (6,656 to 6,360) and June (6,776 to 6,640) while hits slightly exceeded strikeouts in May (7,033 to 6,971). Before this year, the previous low differential for a full month was in April 2017, when there were 138 more hits than strikeouts.Strikeouts per game averaged 16.6 in July, down from 16.9 in June , 16.75 in May and 17.5 in April, which was a record for a full calendar month. Strikeouts project to 41,207, which would be the 11th consecutive season setting a record, topping last year?s 40,104. The total was 32,884 in 2008.There were 857 home runs in 373 games in July, an average of 2.30 that left the season average at 2.29. The average was 2.52 through July last year, just above the record-setting final figure of 2.51.Weather could have been a factor in the early drop, since balls travel farther in warmer temperatures. The 48.9 degree average U.S. temperature in April was coldest since 1997, according to the National Weather Service, and May?s 65.4 degree average broke the previous high, set in 1934. June?s 71.5 degree average was the third-highest in 124 years of records, behind only 1933 and 2016. July data will not be available until next week.Baseball officials have attributed the offensive drop partly to the increased use of infield shifts and to more frequent pitching changes that bring hard-throwing relievers into games.?We think it?s our obligation to carefully monitor what are significant developments with respect to how the game is being played on the field,? baseball commissioner Rob Manfred said on the day of last month?s All-Star Game. ?The changes you?re seeing are being driven by smart people who want to win more baseball games.??The question for us becomes at what point do we want to step in, OK Charlie Blackmon Jersey , and manage that organic change, reflect the judgment that this organic change may be driven by competition,? he added. ?There is a growing consensus or maybe even better an existing consensus among ownership that we need to have a really serious conversation about making some changes to the way the game is being played.?Batters cite increased velocity among pitchers.?I?ve talked to guys who have been around the league and I say, `Man, when you first came into the league 10, 11 years ago, did guys throw this hard?? They said, `No, back in the day 92, 93 was gasoline,?? Tampa Bay?s Kevin Kiermaier said. ?There?s a stretch where we faced (Justin) Verlander, Charlie Morton, Lance McCullers, Gerrit Cole, Max Scherzer, we faced all those guys within a calendar week , and it?s like, when does this ever stop??Officials also are concerned about attendance ? this year?s average of 28,863 is down 5.2 percent from 30,453 through July last year, and this season could be the first with an average below 30,000 since 2003. Baseball officials cite bad weather that had led to 45 postponements, six more than last year?s season total, and many early season games being played in temperatures below 40. But fan reaction to changes in the game and the many non-competitive teams also are factors.Players are reluctant to alter playing rules and reaching any consensus among them on what should be done has been difficult.?Over the last five years or so we?ve seen more changes to the game than we had in the number of years prior,? union head Tony Clark said at the All-Star Game. ?Even that in and of itself is concerning to the guys because they don?t want to get to a point and don?t want to get to a place where the fans that have always loved the game and been passionate about it are no longer enjoying it, and we?re also not engaging the next generation of fans along the way. That combination platter is very concerning to the players.??AP freelance writer Mark Didtler in Tampa, Florida, contributed to this report.?
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