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    With the market more and more brand of hair conditioner, hair conditioner products, hair conditioner effects, in the end conditioner is suitable for yourself? Whether they can follow their own preferences to choose? So, usage is another taboo? Xiaobian to tell you need to pay attention to what things to make more and more beautiful your hair using hair conditioner, hair conditioner suggests that it is the performance of the hair a special care, the general use with the shampoo in pairs, shampoo appropriate amount of conditioner hormone spread evenly on the hair gently for a minute or so, then rinse to clean. It was also known to rinse the conditioner, belonging to the hair cosmetics. Waitress who used hair conditioner conditioner has become essential to use our basic shampoo care tool, but its real use, they Know? Below just Xiaobian look at it.
    On the use of hair conditioner, many crush feel the conditioner stay longer nourishing to the hair the better, in fact, clear that this idea is wrong. The experts tell us, conditioner only within a certain time on the hair nutrient supply exceeds the effective time, not only can not nourish the hair, but also easy to make tresses, resulting in dry, bifurcation. Conditioner and shampoo in the alkaline hair to maintain the best state of the weak acid, supplementary nutrition to the hair to make hair soft and smooth, and maintain a healthy sheen. Used properly, can also improve blood flow to the scalp to stimulate the dermal papilla and hair matrix cells. However, the actual situation of the hair varies from person to person, hair conditioner, not everyone has the same effect, the key point of crush to keep in mind Oh, use hair conditioner, hair conditioner evenly hair, focusing on painted on the tail ergo baby infant insert, the hair root is not painted, otherwise it will strengthen the scalp oil secretion, resulting in hair soon looks very much oil, then gently massage the hair of one minute, that is, you can use warm water. The best massage after hair conditioner on the hair for 5 minutes, which would allow the hair to fully absorb the nutrients conditioner, this is also a good trick.
    Just as we must be frequently changed shampoo, a brand of hair conditioner, ingredients, recipes, mostly single and identical. Therefore, the use of hair conditioner, it's best to replace the brand, or different series should use about 3 months, in order to appropriate replacement of other brands or other effects of hair conditioner. Hair conditioner use, the correct way is to use a comb to fully combed hair, the hair conditioner evenly and smoothly distribution; if it is an instant hair conditioner, then dry with a towel and wash before use too much water in the water, hair, hair conditioner can not effectively be absorbed. Think so but also to use disposable hair conditioner shampoo, wash your hair, you no longer use hair conditioner. This is a misunderstanding. Under normal circumstances, disposable hair conditioner with antistatic function, only in the hair surface protection, can not reach the hair root, the conservation of damaged hair. So, wash your hair, do not be omitted nutritional moisturizing conditioner.
    Oily hair use hair conditioner, we must be careful, excessive use of hair conditioner to make dandruff to breed, when in use, as long as applied in the relatively dry hair Ministry to scalp some as little as possible to use hair conditioner. May not be applicable to high-protein dry hair conditioner. We tend to think that dry hair needs maintenance, so the total effects conditioner high in protein, but unexpectedly the hair becomes more dry. In fact, too much protein conditioner will affect normal metabolism, but just the opposite, the choice of clean-type hair conditioner can be effective in cleaning the hair conditioner really can make the hair become smooth, but that does not mean we will certainly To make it some residual on the scalp. Chemicals in contact with air conditioner, it will clog pores or cause dandruff. So, run out of hair conditioner, be sure to thoroughly rinse. Do not know the waitress who did not learn of them to explain the reason and the attention of several major use, whether it is shampoo or conditioner, pay attention to as much as possible the right way will help your hair to get better, and the need to change the United States, of course, need to pay a certain price. Crush also be able to learn at the same time in such a way to tell more of the crush, with everyone vying for a clean and stylish women!

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    thanks for the information and the links but the link is working i think so please checkout, update it.


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