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What is The Latest google seo update ?

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  • What is The Latest google seo update ?

    What is The Latest google seo update ?

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    1.) Google Hummingbird Update

    Google Hummingbird Update plays an important role in deciding website ranking. The biggest changes made in Hummingbird were an ability to have a sharp eye on mobile marketing.

    SEO new updates related to Hummingbird:
    • Long-tail keyword's Power
    • Easy identification of Keyword stuffing
    • Use of Knowledge Graph for better search results

    2.) Google Penguin Update

    To seize the websites which are spamming google?s search results. This update is indicated decreasing search rankings of websites which disturb Google?s Webmaster Guidelines.

    3.) Google Panda Update

    Google?s Panda Update known as the powerful search filter which stops low-quality content sites from making their way into top search results of Google.

    Some important Google Panda Update are :
    • No Scraped Content
    • No more auto-generated Content
    • No Multiple Pages with the Same Keyword
    • Be Careful with affiliate links and ads
    • Many outbound links with keywords are not good

    4.) Google Pigeon Update

    Another search algorithm update launched to give more meaningful, valuable and exact local search results that are attached more closely to conventional web search ranking factors.

    Latest updates in Google Pigeon are :
    • Don?t over optimize your website
    • Strong domains matters
    • Location matters

    5.) Google Mobile-Friendly Update

    Google introduced its Mobile-Friendly search algorithm that is intended to give a lift to mobile friendly sites pages in Google?s mobile search results.

    Latest Google Mobile-Friendly SEO updates are :
    • Google mobile-friendly testing tool now has API access
    • Google may pick desktop over AMP page for the mobile-first index
    • Google begins mobile-first indexing, using mobile content for all search rankings
    • Google will show AMP URLs before App deep link URLs in mobile results
    • Google says page speed ranking factor to use mobile page speed for mobile sites

    6.) Google: Payday Update

    It will focus on cleaning up list items related to heavily spammed queries.

    Recent Google Payday updates are :
    • Google Payday Loan 1.0
    • Google Payday Loan 2.0
    • Google Payday Loan 3.0

    7.) Google Pirate Update

    Google?s Pirate Update is a filter that prevents sites that have many copyright infringement reports.

    Some of the latest Google Pirate SEO updates are :
    • The pirate update disallow websites that received a high volume of copyright violation reports
    • If you want to remove a Page From The index then it will require valid documentation

    8.) Google Top Heavy Update

    It is a way to avoid sites that were top heavy with advertisements from positioning well in Google search listings.

    Some of the Google Top Heavy SEO Updates are :
    • It is a page layout algorithm to go after sites top heavy with ads
    • Pages with too many ads above the fold now penalised by google?s page layout algorithm

    9.) Google Page Rank Update

    Page Rank is Google?s arrangement of figuring out which pages are most critical in view of them. These scores are then utilised alongside numerous other things to figure out whether a page will rank well in a search or not.
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