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  • PR penalty?

    I have seen many websites go down in PR after a PR update. This is even after their visitors and content has increased. So why does Google penalize them, even if they have unique content?

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    Some times the content that has been updated does not follo9w the TOS of Google. You might want to check that your website does not have any warez or illegal content that might be pulling the PRs down.


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      Probably because the sites that the person was linked from, removed the links or went off line.

      Directory submission seems to be a popular fad. Well, directories are just like any other website, the owner gets bored and takes them off line. Lets say you have a bunch of links from a couple of forums - those could have gone off line.

      Instead of wondering what happened to those links, people should be keeping up with them in their google webmaster tools account.


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        May be its happening due to lot of spam on site
        No proper moderation


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          Hey Nomad

          Pagerank is mainly a measurement of the value of the links to your site, have you got any quality links ?

          I have looked at this page on your site


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            You might have poor quality contents or you have low quality backlinks.


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              If web site has unique content but unfortunately they got back links from irrelevant web site or low quality content then they might punished by Google.


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                Now there are many PR 0 website and it still have high DA. PR is dead already.

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                  Is there any way to increase my PR without building backlinks


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