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Adding Keywords into Text.

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  • Adding Keywords into Text.

    This will be another important step to make your Web site search-engine friendly. Many SEO programs will tell you to just add the keywords into your Web site as many times as you can with no limits. WRONG! For one, this can make a Web site look real bad when the keywords are out of place and don't fit into a sentence or paragraph. The most important reason is, if you have the keyword(s) in your Web site too many times, the search engines will actually give you lower rankings. You will want to rewrite portions of your Web site to use your title keyword. Try to place it throughout the Web site where and whenever possible, as long as it makes sense and doesn't affect the Web site's effect.

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    It is true that adding keywords to a website should be done with extreme care. Many sites have been banned owing to this "keyword stuffing".


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      thanks for sharing this info with us and hopping more from you.


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        Very informative tips thanks for sharing.


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