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Take a look at my friend's beauty and health site

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  • Take a look at my friend's beauty and health site

    Please take a look at my friend's beauty and health site. What do you think of Just For You? Any feedbacks no matter bad or good are welcome.

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    There is some really great information on this site. I think a change in the colors of the background and some more pictures would really add some flare.


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      this nis not a design, its a standard blogspot in ugly pink which hurts my eyes.
      If you want compliments put some efforst in the design, changing the colors just isnt good enough


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        Thanks for the constructive criticism. What's wrong with the pink color there? It was me who suggest the color to my friend as before it is dark green. I thought pink goes along better with something that is related to beauty and health. Besides, there are lots of dating sites there. If it really looks awful, what color would you suggest?


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