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    Experience diverse Magento extensions
    The essential part that makes Magento become No 1 E-commerce website platform is its multiple extensions supporting. With a significant number of extensions, users will be confused where and how to get needed extension. But your confusion last no more, because free Magento download is more simple today, just check and collect your needed extensions. Every extensions contain deep instruction and highlighted features. In addition, our customer services are really good, as we solve your trouble as soon as possible.
    Design Magento themes
    Magento not only provides useful extensions for your e-commerce activity, but it also has tons of themes creating attractively to appeal your customers. You dont want your website to just be boring, you want a theme specialize for a specific holiday or highlight your style. Variety of download Magento themes will be queued in your selection. Don’t forget that there are many topics containing free themes. However, free doesn’t go with bad quality, why don’t try it out immediately???
    Join and download Magento now
    Magento is an open-source content platform creating for the purpose of E-commerce websites. Download the up-to-date version of Magento and enjoy how useful it is. The software was originally developed by Varien Inc, an US company located in Culver City, California, assisted mostly with volunteers.
    Magento consists of two separated edition, Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition. Their features can be listed below:
    Magento Community Edition is fitted with bundle of features, anyone can modify the core system of Community version. Developers can implement the core files and extend its functions by adding new plug-in modules provided by other developers. Highlighted features can be concluded in:
    • Open source eCommerce software
    • Free to download
    • Community-based support.
    Magento Enterprise Editionis derived from the Magento Community Edition and has the same core files. Unlike Community Edition, this is not free, but has more features and functionality. This edition is designed for large businesses that require technical support with installation, usage, configuration, and troubleshooting. It certainly contains more professional features:
    • Flexibility to create rich consumer experiences
    • Tailor back-end workflows to your business
    • Hundreds of extensions
    • Open architecture
    • Integrate with other eCommerce solutions
    • Network of partners and certified developers
    • Expert support, training, and consulting services
    There are four different Magento certifications. Three of them aim to prove developers' competency in implementing modules; one (Certified Solution Specialist) targets business users (consultants, analysts, project managers). Magento Front End Developer Certification is mainly focused on improving the user interface (UI) of built-in applications. This certification is related with templates, layouts, Javascript, and CSS. Magento Developer certification is geared toward back end developers who implement the core modules. The Plus certification tests deep understanding of Magento Enterprise modules and the entire architecture.

    ​The best Magento 2 extensions and Magento product widget will claim the throne of E-commerce this century.
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